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Calligraphy is all over the the internet and currently one of the most trending things in the wedding industry, especially in India.

When I first started learning calligraphy I wanted to address wedding envelopes and create a market place for it. It was really tough for me to rise in this niche area. But thanks to all Indians who always wanna adopt western 😛 and having that unique wedding, I could at least get people’s attention.

Now, with more and more of us learning calligraphy and wanting to make a business out of it, it’s crucial to know how to price your work. Since calligraphy is fairly new in India, I’d refer to figures abroad. Normal pricing for envelope calligraphy is $2-$5 (USD) depending on the style of script, specialty ink (custom/metallic etc), paper used etc.

Using these numbers in INR the range is ₹150-₹350 per envelope. Placecards or ‘names only calligraphy’ could range anywhere between ₹30-₹150 again depending on number of words, script style etc. These numbers are obviously, calligraphy rate only, papers need to be provided by the client.

Having said this, many of you reached out to me saying that clients devalue your work and just don’t want to spend the ₹₹₹. I have rejected many clients who ask for discounts or expect cheaper pricing because they need “many” envelopes addressed. In my opinion, take up clients who value your art and services rather than just making a quick buck which is not worth your time. Bear in mind that, writing at a stretch to finish the task before deadline can also cause serious repercussions like stiff neck, back and hand pain which would result in you landing at the physio and paying them at least 500/- per session. So, think before you think of undervaluing yourself 😉

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