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    Calligraphy Kit

    Our calligraphy starter kit is curated especially for beginners. It includes high-quality tools needed to start learning calligraphy from home.  It contains:
    • 1 Speedball oblique pen holder with removable flange
    • 1 Nikko G nib
    • 1 Brause Steno nib
    • 1 Blank calligraphy practice pad
    Additionally, it will also have a small instruction note on how to prepare nibs and use the kit.
  • Modern Calligraphy - Upper Case letters lowercase letters practice pad
    This is a downloadable file. You will need to print it on calligraphy quality paper for your practice. This file includes basic strokes, lower case and upper case letters in modern calligraphy.  BONUS!! Contains few words for practice.
  • Practice Pad

    A4 size practice pad with 24 blank calligraphy quality paper
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