When designing your wedding invitations, it’s important to remember that the type of ink and printing style you use can be an effective part of the artistry of your invites. There are variety of wedding invitation printing services. Here are some of the most common types of printing you’ll run into when browsing your stationery options.

Digital Printing (also known as Flat Printing)

This is the most common and cost effective printing method out there. Majority of our watercolor floral wedding invitations are printed digitally. Digital printing is the same printing done with a home printer (inkjet/laser) except that high quality prints are achieved by using professional printers which are as huge as the size of a desk.

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Modern Indian Wedding Invitations

Foil Stamped Wedding Invitations

If you have come across hot foil stamping, gold foil wedding invitations, rose gold foil wedding invitations, foil pressed wedding invitations, foil stamped wedding invitations, etc. do not get overwhelmed! These all mean the same. Foil invitation printing is a beautiful way to add sparkle and shine to your invitation cards. In this method, foil (thin shiny metallic paper, available in numerous color options) is pressed into the paper to create a deep impression of your design. It is no doubt, one of the top choices when creating luxury wedding invitations. Foil could be used either for the whole design or in parts.

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Foil Stamped Wedding Invitations

Digital Foil Printing (Scodix Printing)

In the last couple years, a new digital print method has gained popularity: digital foil! This is a type of printing that uses heat to adhere foil to paper. It’s become popular as a cheaper alternative to traditional stamped foil for less number of prints. However, it costs much more for a larger quantity. Unlike stamped foil, digital foil has an embossed (raised) effect.

Digital Foil Printing | Scodix Printing | Luxury Wedding Invitations | VS Calligraphy and Designs
Digital Foil Print Wedding Invitations

Screen Printing

This type of printing has come far way. Like digital printing, this is also an affordable print technique. When it comes to budget-friendly print alternatives to gold foil, we suggest to go for screen printing. Again, we offer flat and raised screen printing.

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Raised Gold Screen Printing


Embossing is a good method to use if you’re printing something like a monogram or large-scale text. Blind embossing is an ink-free method that uses metal plates to stamp letters into the paper and create a raised-relief surface. It’s unlikely that you’d use this as the sole printing method of an invitation, but you might opt to use it for a reply card, menu card, or thank-you note.

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Embossing Technique

Laser-cut Printing

Laser-cut printing method could be used when creating fine art paper artwork. Bold or intricate floral designs, mesh pattern or any other art cut into the paper giving it a beautiful and delicate look. For laser cutting, the price depends on how long each piece takes to cut. So the more intricate the design, the more it’ll cost. Although, it creates that really big first impression!

Laser cut wedding invitation

Letterpress Printing

Letterpress invitations in India

This is the most luxurious type of wedding invitation printing used in the modern day. However, the irony is that letterpress printing is an age old printing technique. The luscious textures it creates on thick, soft, cotton paper is what makes it attractive. It is perfect for the vintage wedding curated for the modern bride.