Most of 2020 went into accepting “the new normal”. In this uncertain time, most couples had to either cancel or postpone their weddings. I have been working with such brides who had to make this difficult decision about their life event and communicate with their guests regarding the new wedding date. If you are one of these brides, please read along to find out some suggestions I have made to best serve my clients. P.S. : We do not know the best answers, however, here’s what you could do if you were in the process of getting your wedding invitations done in COVID-19.

My invitations are already sent and we had to postpone/cancel our event

In case you had to postpone your event, and have fixed a new date, sending a “Change the Date” card is must. Check some of the wordings for your “Change the Date” card here.

In the case where you have canceled your event and do not have a new date, communicating that to your vendors is crucial along with your guests. We suggest sending out a small card mentioning this. This could either be a digital card or a printed one.

I am in the middle of designing my invitations and we have moved our wedding date

We have currently put on hold, production of bunch of invitations because the weddings were moved to 2021. You are safe in these lines and can send out your customised cards next year. Although, we do recommend sending out “Change the Date” cards as soon as possible. If you do have a wedding website, updating that would be crucial and most helpful thing to do!

We have fixed a date in 2021 and are looking to get invitations done

Congratulations on setting your wedding date! Inquire with us for custom or semi-custom wedding invitations and we can get started with your design.

wedding invitations in cover-19